6 Cheap Flight Websites for Digital Nomads


There’s a few to pick from in the list below but if I’m honest, I would use a number of these to get the best travel deals, literally, every £ can count. £10 saved in the UK could be a whole day’s worth of food in Bali.

The below is a concoction of Emailer lists, Facebook Bots and Websites to truly keep up to date on the latest and cheapest flights, gimme a message or comment the savings you’ve made so far!


Rome2rio searches any city, town, landmark, attraction or address across the globe with thousands of multi-modal routes to easily get you from A to B. Use this quite a bit as the UX feels really nice to map out your plans whether it’s for a multi journey or a simple A-B.

Nomad Flights sends digital nomads emails with cheap flight offers. The aim is to help digital nomads with cheap one-way flights, visa run returns to neighbouring countries and flights for specific events like nomad conferences and escaping Chiang Mai during burning season. It is free to sign up for email alerts so start saving money today.


Google Flights has been updated to match the familiar material design, now common to most Google products. Search flights, explore new destinations, and keep track of price changes! We all trust and use google for random questions to finding great information so why not check out what you could save with these flights too

tomo cheap flights

Tomo is a Facebook Messenger bot specialized in getting cheap flights. You can save up to $700 per ticket and it’s as simple as a conversation with a friend. For those that have pretty busy nomadic lives and don’t really have a plan on where to go, these automated price alerts might spur you onto your next adventure. Don’t ignore the signs

Kiwi offers a range of transport along with cheaper flights whilst checking against Skyscanner but the best thing about this site is you can set your destination to ‘Anywhere’ this for the go lucky types who really don’t mind where they go to next, you can grab some absolute bargains this way and discover places you hadn’t even thought of.

momondo flights

Momondo is pretty popular already so you may already use it but i’ve tipped this one above Skyscanner for its UX and how quick the site seems to search through hundreds of airlines to find you the best price.

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