Top 10 Online Resources for Digital Nomads


If you’re thinking about joinging the Digital Nomads then NomadList is for you. I was really impressed with how easy it is to navigate through and find out so much data and detail about a place before you get there. Not to mention they have an awesome Slack chat where you can speak with other nomads in the area you might want to go. If you want to search via certain aspects like cheap Visa or aren’t particularly picky about where you go then Definitely check out the Nomad List Collection


This website allows you to search anywhere in the world and find Cafe’s, Bars. Hostels and pretty much anywhere with an internet connection that you can work from. Once you’ve searched an area you can pick from a number of places and narrow them down by looking at how expensive a place is or how fast their internet is. This is a great way to scope an area out before you go to make sure you save time and money whilst Nomad Travelling.



I’m always linking Rome2Rio and NomadList together, first, I find a couple places that look awesome, cheap and has a buzzing atmosphere then I need to find out how to get there. Using Rome2Rio you can plot where you start and end whilst picking how you might want to travel, the website will give you a rough cost on each journey type whether it’s by Car, Bus, Train or Plane. Certainly one for mapping road trips. Add multiple stops if you want to really get the most out of it.


Monzo Bank ( Free )

Keeping cost down is pretty much key to extended travelling as a Digital Nomad, using an online bank is an absolute lifesaver at times as theirs no transaction Fee and a really simple app to keep track of everything. I use Monzo, i know there’s a gazillion others but you just got to go with what you feel is best.


Upwork ( Remote Jobs )

Having enough money to travel and live month to month is sometimes a little sketchy when you haven’t got aguaranteedd income. If you’re not lucky enough to land a couple contracts or retainers then you could also find remote work online by bidding for projects. You may have to bid low in order to get the project but done right, you could really thrive using something like Upwork


QuickBooks ( Invoicing )

If you’re trying to keep above board with your Tax and Income and not putting it away in a Swiss account then i’d suggest keeping track of everything. Quickbooks Self Employed links up to your bank and tracks every penny you spend whilst travelling, if it’s business related then pop it down as an expense. Their invoicing tracks when it’s been opened and logs it straight away making it super easy on the go to take care of finances.


Skyscanner ( Cheap Flights )

Cutting costs and saving money can be so beneficial in the long run, you might think it’s £€$10 here and there but in a month if you’re travelling a lot it certainly adds up. I personally use SkyScanner to get the cheapest flights, look out for last minute deals and always go incognito to make sure you’re not being tracked as prices go up the more you look at flights!



Staying in touch is a must whilst travelling, whether it’s with Clients, Friends or Family you need to be in communication. I’ve toyed with a couple platforms and mobile apps before and it was a close call between Slack and Whatsapp. Yes, Whatsapp is pretty basic but with the Mac Client, it makes it so easy to keep in contact. I keep Slack separate for my Nomad Travels. Coming back to nomadlist, they have dedicated slack channels for hundreds of cities around the world so you can speak with other nomads on the ground in a location you’re going to.



I’ve chosen HostelWorld over Airbnb purely through price. I think Airbnb is great and I’ve used it throughout for mini vacation breaks with friends but it’s quite costly compared to a hostel. If you don’t mind bunking up with other likeminded travellers then it’s definitely the way forward. Linked with your phone you can grab your reservation card onto your iPhone / Android to make it easy when checking in so you don’t have to think about printing anything out.


Super Cook

Bit of an odd one but one of the last things on Nomad Travellers minds is what can i eat. I use Super Cook when in a Hostel, usually they will have shared kitchens where you can make your own grub. Tick all the items you have/are going to get to figure out what you can cook, I’ll usually think about basics to buy then check the website to see what i could make that might last like a big chilli you could then pop in the fridge for the next day ( Hopefully it’s still there )

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