5 Gadgets for a Digital Nomad in 2019


There’s a hell of a lot of tech and gadgets out there that help a digital nomad with their daily work life and general navigation to keep them safe, in check and healthy. I’ve been through a fair few sites and tried even more products so here’s a little list of my favourites so far for digital nomad gadgets in 2019!

Roost portable laptop stand

Using a laptop daily or just generally being stuck at a desk or screen for more than your daily dose of hours a day can really put strain on your neck and back, if you don’t have the right posture like myself you’ll want to invest in one of these bad boys. I say invest as you’ll certainly be paying for it down the line with the amount of back massages you’ll have


Following in suit to creating a better, healthier you through tech, check out these UV protection sunglasses every avid travelling digital nomad should consider. I’m not saying it’s going to change your perception but it genuinely is mad how much they make everything look like a real-life instagram filter which just brightens your day, there’s a reason why they’re called ‘tens’ and that’s because they make everything look tens times better.

Personally i rock around with these for general use

Another side note:

If you’re a pretty big deal in the influencing sphere on social channels and need your hands free most the time then check out these beauties from Snapchat

noise cancelling headphones – sony

I can’t stress to you enough how crucial having noise cancelling headphones are, you can grab a cheaper pair if you’re that way inclined but for me personally having pure noise cancellation when you’re on a busy train, bus, plane or when there’s a loud neighbour snoring next to you in a 15 person room hostel it’s pure bliss, just close your eyes and transform yourself to anywhere else.

skyroam global wifi

Majority of places you’ll be going to will have Wifi you can pick up whether it’s the Cafe, hostel, airbnb or coworking space but if you want 100% access to Wifi wherever you are without the stress of logging in, throwing your email at randoms to get online or ordering ‘anotherrrr cup of coffee for the wifi password then the Skyroam global wifi box will do the trick.

At around $8 a month it does seem like quite an expense to take on so i would definitely suggest travelling around for a couple months first and see if you really need it. In the grand scheme of things you could always allocate this to $8 worth of time saved and invoices sent to possibly earn you more as you travel with ease.

universal travel adapter

All this tech and nothing to charge it with, you absolute twit. Luckily for you there’s some lovely people that make travel adapters in nice bright green ( other colours are available, or colour• depending on what side of the pond you’re from, forgot what i’m on about now..) Grab yourself a couple of these just incase as you don’t want to get caught short.

Standard applies for these with Power Surge Protection, Fast charge and multi USB outputs to make it quick and easy.

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