Digital Nomad’s Guide to Montreal

As a globe-trotting freelance graphic designer, you’ve landed in Montreal, Canada’s cultural capital. With its dynamic art scene, diverse cuisine, and vibrant neighborhoods, Montreal offers a perfect blend of work and play for digital nomads like you. Discover the best places to work, savor affordable lunch spots, connect with free Wi-Fi, indulge in mouthwatering street food, and unwind with a refreshing beer after work. Here’s your comprehensive guide to thriving as a digital nomad in Montreal.

Best Places to Work From

Montreal boasts a thriving coworking culture and a variety of work-friendly spaces to unleash your creativity. Here are some top spots to set up your workstation:

  1. Crew Collective & Café Overview: Housed in a stunning historic bank building, Crew Collective & Café offers a luxurious and inspiring atmosphere for remote work. Link: Crew Collective & Café
  2. La Gare Overview: Located in the trendy Mile End neighborhood, La Gare is a coworking space featuring a diverse community and excellent amenities. Link: La Gare
  3. Anticafé Vieux-Montréal Overview: At Anticafé, pay by the hour and enjoy unlimited coffee, snacks, and comfortable workspaces in the heart of Old Montreal. Link: Anticafé Vieux-Montréal

Cheap Places to Eat for Lunch

Montreal’s culinary scene caters to all budgets, and you can find delicious and affordable lunch options. Here are some favorites:

  1. Banh Mi Boys Overview: Treat yourself to Banh Mi Boys’ mouthwatering Vietnamese sandwiches at pocket-friendly prices. Link: Banh Mi Boys
  2. Patati Patata Overview: This beloved diner offers tasty burgers, poutines, and hot dogs without breaking the bank. Link: Patati Patata

Best Free Wi-Fi Spots

Staying connected is essential for digital nomads. Here are some places with reliable free Wi-Fi in Montreal:

  1. Montreal Public Libraries Overview: The Montreal public libraries offer a quiet and work-friendly environment with complimentary Wi-Fi. Link: Montreal Public Libraries
  2. Café OSMO Overview: Located in the Mile End neighborhood, Café OSMO provides free Wi-Fi, coffee, and a creative atmosphere. Link: Café OSMO

Best Street Food

Montreal’s street food scene is a culinary adventure not to be missed. Explore these top spots for a delightful experience:

  1. Schwartz’s Deli Overview: A Montreal institution, Schwartz’s Deli serves up the city’s best smoked meat sandwiches for an unforgettable street food experience. Link: Schwartz’s Deli
  2. Grumman ’78 Overview: Feast on delicious tacos with a creative twist at Grumman ’78’s food truck. Link: Grumman ’78

Best Place for an After-Work Beer

Unwind and socialise with fellow nomads at these popular spots for an after-work beer:

  1. Dieu du Ciel! Overview: A renowned microbrewery, Dieu du Ciel! offers an array of craft beers in a relaxed setting. Link: Dieu du Ciel!
  2. Benelux Overview: Benelux boasts a fantastic selection of house-brewed beers, perfect for a laid-back evening. Link: Benelux

Cheapest Costs to Fly to Montreal

As flight prices fluctuate, it’s best to compare options on various travel websites. However, some affordable carriers to consider for flights to Montreal are:

  • From the US: Look for deals on budget airlines like Porter Airlines, Spirit Airlines, or JetBlue from major US cities like New York, Boston, or Chicago.
  • From the UK: Keep an eye on Air Transat or WestJet for potential lower fares from London or Manchester.
  • From Europe: Look for flights with Air Canada or British Airways from major European cities like Paris, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt.


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