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Driver Growth @Heetch

We’re a thoughtful, talented, full stack and distributed product team consisting of backend, mobile, frontend and QA engineers, as well as product managers and product designers. We’re responsible for the acquisition, engagement, and retention of all our drivers .

Our multi-disciplined team allows us to work autonomously across the realms of our scope. This means we own our roadmap entirely, and we empower each team member to contribute and influence what we work on and how. Our mission is quite simple; Deliver Driver happiness and ensure they get the optimum experience that they deserve. Drivers use and rely on the products we build every single day to earn a living. This is a responsibility that we hold dear and do not take for granted.

SRE within Driver Growth

Our infrastructure receives 2.5 millions of events per day and processes 100M of API requests. We also serve over a dozen thousand rides, have a Driver signup funnel with 50 separate Data fields and process hundred of gigabytes of log and interaction data daily. Our team owns upwards of 20 microservices on top of Elixir, Kafka and Docker, and are focussing our efforts on adding to this number as we extract from our legacy codebase.

To put it simply; The services we support and the code we produce are critical to the business. Be it a potential driver going through our acquisition funnel, an active driver entering our marketplace or a driver viewing their earnings and account details to name but a few, the impact our backend engineers have on the business as a whole is enormous.

Team Values
Transparency: we discuss everything openly within the team. Our speak up culture is strong.
Remote first: our team is fully distributed, and we work hard at that, but feel free to work from any of our offices in Paris, London, Milan, Bruxelles or Casablanca.
The courage to fail: we celebrate the wins, but more importantly we’re not afraid to fail, we always learn and go again.
Team unity: no one is left behind.
Code quality: it’s not software without tests.

Your role

In this role, you’ll be in charge of building the tools and systems that every backend engineer in the Driver Growth team uses to develop, scale, understand, and monitor their operations. You will dive deep into gnarly operational issues; from the software, systems, automation, and process perspectives, and, you will work with our production services throughout their entire life cycle, from design and architecture, through implementation, deployment, and sustaining operations.

What will you do?

• Build tools and infrastructure to make the team iterate faster without overthinking about the core infrastructure.
• Partner with fellow backend engineers to architect and develop mission-critical systems that can stand the test of scale and availability, while limiting operational overhead.
• Perform deep dives into both systemic and latent reliability issues; partner with software and SRE engineers across the organization to produce and roll out fixes.
• Design, build & support systems to detect, alert and remediate or escalate on the team’ platform.
• Contribute to standardization efforts across multiple disciplines and services in conjunction with the Core SRE team.
• Handle efficiencies in systems and processes: design, configuration management, performance tuning, monitoring, and root cause analysis.
• Participate in an on-call rotation and contribute to needed escalation missions.

What do you need?

• Software Engineer background (+5 years).
• Practical knowledge of various aspects of service design like messaging protocols & behavior, caching strategies and software design practices.
• Solid understanding of systems and application design, including the operational trade-offs of various designs.
• Excellent programming skills in Go, and an ability to pick up new programming languages.
• Excellent written and social communication, and documentation skills in English.
• Be adaptable and able to focus on the most straightforward, most efficient & reliable solutions.
• Experience in the Linux environment and a deep understanding of its fundamentals and internals: filesystems and modern memory management, threads and processes, the user/kernel-space divide, networking.
• Exposure to the AWS ecosystem.
• Real world experience with Packer/Terraform.
• Customer service skills and empathy to develop solutions that span multiple teams.
• Work well with and be able to influence a myriad of personalities at all levels.

• Experience building highly-available fault-tolerant distributed systems with microservices, including containerized architectures, application security, monitoring, and storage systems.
• Experience with message brokers (such as RabbitMQ or Kafka).


• Stocks.
• Paid conference attendance/travel.
• Heetch credits.
• A Spotify subscription.
• Code retreats and company retreats.
• Travel budget (visit your remote co-workers and our offices).

To apply, please visit the following URL:→

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