100% Senior Core Engineer

  • Part Time
  • Anywhere

We are looking for exceptional developers that are more capable than most.  Our codebase is very well maintained and organized and our system is high performance.  We only want team members that can learn, understand and continue that tradition.  This is not a run of the mill cube job for an army of cube drones.  We are looking for highly skilled outlier individuals that are enthusiastic about dev.  Enthusiastic is not a euphemism for long hours or anything.  We work a normal schedule and love the work that we do.  We don’t a number of years of experience in the requirements because number of years is a poor indicator of ability, but this is a position for experienced people wioth deep technical understanding that want to work with others like you.

This position is responsible for building the main products of Filevine.  The products that we build are the core of the business.  We are constantly striving to make the products more intuitive, easier to learn and use, higher performance and solve the actual problems that the users need.

  • Strong developer, with demonstrated proficiency measured by technical interview and trial period.
  • Deep understanding of technical stack and concerns, familiarity with cloud infrastructure and database systems.
  • Ability to work remotely and independently and to collaborate with non-technical people
  • WIllingness to learn and understand our users’ challenges and how your work will affect our end users.
  • Ability to take direction from management and to educate stakeholders as needed.
  • Work with a team that builds new innovations and major new features within our existing product.
  • Coordinate with team management and quality assurance personnel on releases of new features.
  • 100% remote work within United States.

Our technical stack is C#, .NET, SQL Server, redis, ElasticSearch, AWS, javascript, AngularJS, HTML,CSS.  Everyone will use all of these a bit but we have frontend devs that will finalize browser side UI stuff.

To apply, please visit the following URL:→

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