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Montreal, Quebec, Canada, At NITREX, we’re not looking for just your average Market Analyst to crunch numbers and churn out data. We want a data guru—a mastermind at analyzing, interpreting, and compiling data into tangible information the team can use. Are you a whiz with numbers? Can you work your magic on raw data to help build big ideas? Reporting to the Global Director Commercialization, Marketing and Communication, you will collect and compile information, work with other departments, follow trends, monitor the competition, and use industry tools to come up with targeted marketing recommendations that will help set our company apart.
Come be our Marketing Analyst with a twist!
Your many hats:

CRM Data Guardian:  Analyze and resolve CRM issues. Monitor data quality. Maintain CRM software.
Data Guru:  Perform data extraction/management/collection/aggregation/analysis.
Strategist Wizard:  Monitor and improve marketing strategy performance. Generate reports and recommendations.

Your remarkable responsibilities  (Please don’t freak out. You may find the description long, but it’s a way to test your confidence  ? )

Support CRM operations and analytics
Test campaigns using email, workflows, landing pages, and forms
Develop and follow dashboards, client indicators and metrics
Provide recommendations for improvement and performance reports for management and marketing teams
Conduct data audits, cleansing, and de-deduplication in HubSpot
Design and implement governance, training, mastering, and enrichment approaches for HubSpot data
Collaborate with customer targeting, segmentation, and marketing teams
Develop and carry out client data collection (surveys, etc.)
Analyze customer data to identify key predictors of activity and to maximize diffusion, use, and evolution
Segment target audiences to determine which markets to approach
Collect business intelligence data to identify trends and measure impact of competitor marketing activities
Prepare detailed reports on sales volume, CX, market trends, and competitor results
Compile data on up-and-coming brands, products, and services for sales team
Communicate with clients, competitors, professional organizations, and suppliers to follow industry trends
Follow marketing analytics and CX trends to update best practices

Your super skills:
Soft Skills

Highly skilled at planning, organizing, and managing multiple projects from end to end
Versatile and able to adapt
Takes initiative and is autonomous
Copes flawlessly with ambiguity
Excellent oral and written communication skills (English + French)
Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills
Adept at simplifying, summing up, and presenting ideas
Excellent analytical skills
Loves digital marketing trends and technology
Works with minimal supervision, even under pressure
Keen business sense

Hard Skills  (We’ll, you are the expert. You know more than anyone else what you need to do your job!)

You need to have enough relevant experience to take us to a next level
What could set your apart:   
Strong CRM experience
B2B experience
CX experience
Software and hardware experience 
International work experience

That being said, looking forward to talking to you!


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