Front End Developer @ PUB Team

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The Public Pages Team or, as we call it, the PUB team, is responsible for the look and feel of We work closely with a caring product manager, an attentive project manager, a great team of designers, and our invaluable siblings, CMS and SEO teams. Product-wise, our main focus is growth and an enjoyable user experience, and tech-wise, we care about code quality and the developer experience.

Our two interconnected undertakings for the near future is to rebuild the website, alongside migrating front-end code from a legacy Rails monolith to a slim and modern React-based renderer service that we develop ourselves.

We’re looking for self-sufficient developers who are experienced with the modern front-end technologies, approaches, and tools. We expect you to know JavaScript and ES6; HTML and CSS; at least one of the modern front-end frameworks; git and shell at a bare minimum. It’s beneficial if you’ve got some experience with the back-end including Node.js, Docker, and SQL databases; performance optimization; growth marketing, and A/B testing.

Like any other position at Toptal, we offer flexible working hours, location independence, and good salaries. We encourage you to apply if you think the PUB team is a good fit for you.

To apply, please visit the following URL:→

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