Engineering Manager

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Motiion is a technology and data company for the food industry. We believe in transparency, diversity, merit and fostering a culture of accountability, personal impact and career growth.

As a member of the first engineering team at Motiion you will have a unique opportunity to remotely manage a team of distributed developers.  As the first engineering manager for Motiion your goal will be to help the development team with personal and technical roadblocks.  

You will work closely with the CTO to figure out new and innovating ways to scale, manage, and mentor new developers who join the company. Experience with remote developers is a huge plus but not mandatory.  Demonstrated experience in a startup or large company environment to get things done.  You see yourself as a technical enthusiastic but you love when your team succeeds on a project and personal level.  Watching people grow excites you and you want to see that hands on.  We also know that many amazing developers can be excellent managers and managers can are excellent developers.

Some signs of a great candidate

    • Performance recognized by your peers. Past colleagues would love to work and report into you again.
    • Technical expertise with people passion.  Your passion is helping your teams to the state of knowing what to do, why it’s worth doing and facilitate the process to arrive on how it should be done.
    • Eager to help.  You often identify a problem, create a solution to help the team overcome any objections.  You love helping others on cross-functional teams.
    • Appreciation of honest feedback. You know that the best way to learn and grow is through constructive feedback delivered kindly, but without unnecessary ambiguity. You feedback given to as an opportunity to get better and strive to do the same for others.
    • Work hard and smart. Your work ethic is unquestioned, and you know how to get things done so you can balance your work and personal life in a sustainable way.
    • Disciplined and reliable. We are a remote company and you enjoy the benefits of working remotely while consistently delivering what you have committed to. When you hit a snag, you communicate and reset expectations early.
    • Collaborative. You know you can’t get it done on your own.  Depending and trusting on others is something you’ve learned or do right now.
    • Diligent, but pragmatic. You strive for correct solutions, but know what actually matters and when to make compromises. You know when to ship and when to optimize.

Why we are different

Our main goals with Motiion are easy to explain: We want to build a company that we would like to enjoy spending the rest of our careers in, that has a positive impact on the world and that will outlast us. Achieving these goals will be challenging, but we know we can do it. Here’s why:

A strong founder team We, the founders, have a proven track record of building successful companies from scratch. We will take all of the amazing and painful experiences of the past and apply them to create a company we all will be very proud of.

Self-funded The founders have invested $10 million to allow us to focus on building technology and product the right way. Our eyes are on the goals of building a global technology platform. We are laser focused on customer needs, but will make product priorities based on our long-term goals, not short-term revenue.

Remote-first We believe technology that enables remote work to be better than a corporate office setting is already here and the world of business is just about to catch up. Remote work certainly comes with drawbacks, but the strongly believe the advantages vastly outnumber the disadvantages. Speaking to dozens of experienced remote employees has shown us that the number one obstacle to building a successful remote workplace is doing it half-way by having some people be co-located and some remote. We want the same mode of collaboration for everyone and our team will be working remotely most of the time. This does not mean that you have to work from home all the time, or at all. Motiion will pay for co-working space if that’s what you prefer. We will also encourage team members that live in the same area to meet up and work together when it makes sense. We will also make sure we all meet regularly for real in-person interaction!

Personal impact of collaborating individuals We have seen first-hand how corporate culture can devolve into empire building and reporting lines. Motiion will have great managers, but we recognize and value the skills of individual contributors. You can grow your career at Motiion doing the work you love and excel at. Your merit matters, not your title.

Benefits We have top notch benefits, matching most of the large US tech companies, including 401k matching, excellent health insurance and a generous vacation policy.

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