Graphic Design UX/UI
June 15, 2023

BYB Burger App UX Design

Project Description:

The Burger Builder App is a cutting-edge mobile application that combines innovative UX design principles with a seamless app design to deliver an exceptional burger customisation experience. The primary objective of the app is to empower users to create their dream burgers by providing them with a wide range of toppings and customisation options, all in a user-friendly and visually engaging interface.


Burger App UX Design

  • Strategy

    UX Design

  • Client

    BYB Burger

Initial Research Questions

1. How does the app work? Could you explain the process of customizing a burger using BYB Ingredients and having it sent to UberEats?

The BYB App allows users to customize their favorite burger using BYB Ingredients and seamlessly send the order to UberEats. The process involves selecting the burger base, choosing from a variety of ingredients, customizing toppings and condiments, and selecting the preferred bun type. Once the customization is complete, the app automatically adds the customized burger to the UberEats basket.


2. What ingredients and options are available for customization? Can users choose from a wide variety of ingredients, toppings, condiments, and buns?

The app provides a wide range of ingredients for customization, including various types of meats, cheeses, vegetables, sauces, and condiments. Users can mix and match these ingredients to create their desired burger combination.


3. Is there a visual representation of the customized burger? How can users see what their burger looks like before purchasing?

Yes, the app offers a visual representation of the customized burger. Users can see a dynamic preview of their burger as they add or remove ingredients. This allows them to visualize what their burger will look like before making the purchase.


4. Can users save their customized burgers for future orders? Is there a way to easily reorder a saved burger?

The app allows users to save their customized burgers for future orders. They can create a personalized menu with their favorite burger creations, making it easy to reorder them in the future.


5. Are there any restrictions or limitations on customisation? For example, are there certain ingredients that cannot be combined or specific portion sizes users must adhere to?

While the app aims to provide flexibility in customisation, there might be certain restrictions or limitations to ensure the quality and taste of the burgers. For example, incompatible ingredients may be highlighted, and portion sizes may have some predefined limits to maintain a balanced burger.

The app’s main features include:

  1. Intuitive Step-by-Step Process: The app guides users through a step-by-step process, ensuring they don’t miss any crucial toppings or ingredients. Each step is designed to be clear and easy to follow, making the customisation process effortless and enjoyable.
  2. Extensive Topping Options: The Burger Builder App offers an extensive library of toppings, including various types of cheeses, vegetables, meats, and condiments. Users can browse through these options and select their preferred combinations to create a personalised burger that suits their taste.
  3. Visual Representation: As users make their selections, the app dynamically updates the burger’s visual representation in real-time. This visual feedback allows users to see how each topping or ingredient affects the overall appearance of their burger, enhancing their decision-making process.
  4. Seamless Integration with Delivery Services: Once users have designed their perfect burger, the app seamlessly integrates with popular delivery services, enabling them to place an order with the delivery service of their choice. Users can select their preferred service, review their order, and proceed with the delivery process without leaving the app.
  5. User Profiles and Order History: The Burger Builder App provides users with the option to create profiles, allowing them to save their favourite burger creations, review past orders, and easily reorder their favourites with a few taps.

The development of the Burger Builder App will involve a comprehensive UX design process, meticulously crafted to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience. The app’s design will prioritise simplicity, intuitive navigation, and clear visual cues to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

Overall, the Burger Builder App aims to revolutionise the way people interact with burger customisation, making it a fun and interactive experience. By combining an intuitive UX design, seamless app functionality, and integration with popular delivery services, the app provides users with the ability to create, visualise, and order their perfect burger with ease.