Software Engineer 100% Position

  • Part Time
  • Anywhere

Advisr is a well funded Australia startup. We currently have an outsourced team of part-time engineers in India. We are looking for someone with more experience to join the team and to lead the other developers. We prefer someone local in Sydney but we’re open to someone remote from any location in Australia. However, you will need to work in Australian hours for at least 4 hours per day which means working at night if you’re in North America or means working probably very early morning or very late at night if you’re in Europe.

We’re building a better way for customers to find an insurance broker they can trust. Our platform and technology enable brokers to better market themselves to customers in ways not previously possible.

Company Awards:

Australian Fintech Business Awards – Finalist – Insurtech 2019
Australian Insurance Industry Awards – Finalist – Insurtech Innovation of the year 2018
Insurance Business Insurtech Tech Den – Winner – 2018

This role will have the opportunity to work across different products, including Advisr website, back-office integrations, as well as new product offerings. New product offerings include creating new microservices, API development, 3rd party software and hardware integrations, and enhancing the functionality of our existing products.

As a non-technical founder, we’re a fan of using software that can be enhanced by technical people and easily used by non-technical people. We’ve built a great platform using existing capabilities such as WordPress, Hubspot, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics with our infrastructure on AWS.

Now we are looking for someone to join our team and help us to take what we are doing to the next level. This role will involve being able to think strategically about what we have now and being proactive in helping define and build what is next. Our development team are great and we want to give them, even more, support and direction.

What we want you to do:
Add strategic input into our technology and infrastructure to ensure we build the best platform possible. Leveraging your experience whilst trying new alternatives to drive our development teams to achieve all our product dreams.

Please let us know your expected hourly rate as a contractor in your application.

To apply, please visit the following URL:→

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