Senior Front End Engineer

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The Console team is a small group of JavaScript engineers working on a complex and modern web app which is growing fast. Our team looks to build solid user experiences for our customers on top of an unparalleled platform using the newest tech. We’re growing a lot over the next few years, and we’re looking for self-starter engineers who want to add to our team atmosphere and bring their own experiences and personalities to the mix.

What we do: We are very proud of our technology stack and processes and will look to you to help maintain and extend them. You’ll have the freedom to leave your mark on the codebase, as well as discuss new and better ways to accomplish our goals. Stay up to date with current developments in the JavaScript world and discuss them with your team. We often run spikes of new technologies or approaches to see how they change our developer experience in the codebase. The primary product you will work on is a large React web app, built on a cutting-edge processing platform that helps our customers store, access, and analyze huge quantities of data at much less expensive than a conventional data infrastructure operation.

Here are just a few features we’re proud of: We stay ahead of the curve on updates and frequently have upgrade cycles to keep adding new features delivered by our dependencies. We believe in testing and expect unit tests with our pull requests. Tests are run on every push to GitHub and are required to pass before merging a PR. Our development environment has a lot of features that make development easier, and automation saves everyone time Hate arguing about tabs and spaces? Common-sense linting rules and a code prettifier means you won’t have to think about style rules while coding anymore.

Who You Are and Why You Belong

      • Do you like talking about JavaScript and architecture? Are you passionate about learning new technologies and skills? When you see a new library come out, do you immediately wonder how you can use it for work? Your significant expertise with modern JavaScript frameworks (MVC or variations), previous experience on large web application development, and understanding of the importance of testing when it comes to production-quality code will make you shine among us. You’re committed to quality and take persistent pride in the code you write.
      • You are as enthusiastic about Open Source as we are. You may even have contributed to a project. Include whatever information you believe shows off your skills: GitHub profile, code samples, links to personal projects, etc.
    • If you’re not local, there’s no need to worry; we all work remotely. Slack, GitHub, and Zoom video calls are your go-to apps to keep up face-to-face contact with your teammates and the rest of the company. Daily standups with weekly retrospectives and planning sessions help you keep pace and let you give feedback regularly. We also regularly schedule a yearly meetup for in-person discussions and planning. This meetup also includes fun events like team dinners, a hackathon, and a weekend trip.

What You’ll Need To Succeed

    • Two or more years experience building web applications or similar web experience.
    • Strong familiarity with React and its ecosystem
    • Experience with ESNext and modern JavaScript features.
    • A strong testing ethic with experience using a test runner
    • Willingness to bring new ideas to the table

What You’ll Get From Us

    • A remote-friendly and exciting work environment
    • Opportunities for professional development, from leadership to evaluating new technologies
    • Work with specialists in varied fields, from designers to product managers, to make a world-class product used by major international companies.

To apply, please visit the following URL:→

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