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Join Better. A small, remote team of passionate web and app developers that are changing the world through code. We partner with some exciting startups that are redefining healthcare, education and more. You can learn more about our agency and projects on [our website]( is an application for an ongoing contract, remote designer role. The minimum hours required is 16 hours per week. However, we can offer up to 32 hours per week of ongoing work. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who is looking for a flexible job with a lot of freedom. Or someone who is looking to augment and extend their consulting work with a stable ongoing contract. All work is asynchronous first, work whenever, however you want. Rarely have to do a real time meeting. You’ll be implementing projects paired with developers. A very unique opportunity to iterate quickly and get designs in the world fast.Currently we only have one designer / developer on the team and we have a backlog of features and designs that need work. ### About the jobDay to day is grabbing a user story, doing the research to understand the context and provide user interface recommendations to the development team. Then, work with the development team to refine those ideas continuously. As an agency we work with lots of different product spaces and verticals. Healthcare, education and more across the Web and Mobile. * All project specific communication is done through Github, ideally you have direct experience with it although this doesn’t disqualify you. We can help you learn that. * Most other company communication happens through our slack channel. You’ll have at least an every other week 1:1 that’s real time with your team lead. * Lots of collaboration, mockups and prototyping back and forth with project managers and developers. * We don’t have great design processes in place, it’s something we need some help with. * Currently all of our designs are in Sketch – you’ll need to be competent in sketch, however we are thinking of transiting to figma in the future to facilitate collaboration. * We lean heavily on CSS frameworks like Bootstrap. Ideally you have a solid understanding of component based design systems ([example](, however, this doesn’t disqualify you. * You don’t need to know any code, but any technical or code knowledge could prove helpful in your day to day job. At least an understanding of how HTML and CSS work to make recommendations the development team can understand and implement. ### About youWe need people who have strong intrinsic motivation to build great things. Managers of One is a concept we really embrace that comes from Basecamp. We need people who are always learning, excited to solve hard problems and always eager to do great work. Ideally someone who has experience in: * Direct experience or training in Designing WebApps and Mobile Apps. * This is primarily a user experience design position, although there may be some small more graphic design driven projects. (Re-working logos, help with marketing), although this would be the exception. ### Pay & benefitsThis is an ongoing part time hourly contract position. * Pay will start at $30 / hr.* As a result there is no health or other traditional benefits. * However, we do offer online course sponsorship and we’ll buy you ebooks that will help you be a better designer through our learning + book club. * As well, we offer time off bonuses that accrue at a rate of 5%. Works out to roughly 2 paid weeks a year. It’s nice to be able to take a paid day or a week off even when you are a contractor.

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