Lead 3D AR VR Developer

  • Part Time
  • Anywhere

Falkbuilt is a technology driven start-up venture founded by Mogens Smed and Barrie Loberg. With digital intelligence we will revolutionize the construction industry. Our work leverages the video game experience while making it real with data to build the physical replica of the virtual.

Based in Calgary, Canada (MST), we are putting together a top-shelf team of developers to build a state-of-the-art visualization and design platform. It will be a small, tight, clean-coding group of professionals working remotely from the comfort of their home offices. 

We are looking for a senior developer with extensive experience in front-end development, providing the user with visual experiences, and building large efficient models.


  • Expert in Unity.
  • Proven experience with AR and VR.
  • Experience transacting with a RESTFUL API.
  • Ability to design for multiple targets including iOS, Android, web-apps, desktop.
  • Proven ability to provide high-quality & high-performance end-user experiences.

Bonus Points

  • Experience applying video game technology outside of the video game industry.
  • Experience developing for Revit and AutoCAD.
  • Experience with hybrid data models that contain much more than the visual model.
  • Experience in the construction industry, shop drawings, architectural drawings, etc…

To apply, please visit the following URL:→

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